Higher International Diploma in Psychology


Higher International diploma in Psychology is a level 5 qualification, Psychology is a broad scientific field comprising the basics of psychology and the wisdom of understanding human mind, behavior, emotions and perceptions. This qualification covers the important aspects of psychology such as personality traits, learning, abnormal psychology, mental illness and behavior psychology. This qualification also trains the learner on organizational behavior, societal behavior and interpersonal skills. This qualification is an intense vocational training course that equips learners with knowledge, underpinning everyday behavior, such as social cognition, memory, language and appetite, and examine the ways in which psychology can improve people’s well-being and health. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for all psychologists was $72,580 as of 2015 and the job opportunities for psychologists are increasing over the years. The frenetic lifestyle of people enables a high demand for Psychologist/psychiatrist jobs. Learners are equipped with a thorough knowledge, and the essential skills to flourish as a Psychologist/psychiatrist.  

Ideal for:

This qualification is ideal for those who wish to progress into Level 6 qualification or looking for a short term courses to get a job in Dubai. This qualification is the apt choice for those who wish to seek employment as a counselor, Psychologist or psychiatrist. This qualification demands good analytical mind, exceptional communication skills, listening skills and patience. The qualification enables the learner to work as behavior counselors or mental health disorder counselors in an organization. Industrial-organizational psychology jobs are emerging quickly, creating opportunities at a rate better than many other professions. 

Why you need to choose this course?

  • To become industry ready:  ASTI highlights in practical based learning process and helps learners to stand out in real-life situations among the training centers in Dubai.
  • Advance your career: For assured growth and sustainability in the workplace or career.
  • Better salary: Increase the earning potential in a short duration.
  • Professional credibility and Global accreditation: The qualification is globally recognized and accepted as it is an international accredited diploma course in Dubai.

Why choose ASTI for HID in Psychology

  • State of the art infrastructure for diploma courses in Dubai.
  • Highly experienced faculty with industrial experience.
  • Internships in Dubai.
  • ASTI includes real life complex situations in curriculum that makes the learner proficient in the qualification.
  • One among the most recognized engineering colleges in Dubai with more than two decades of presence in educational sector.
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Education, UAE/KHDA an authority of regulations for engineering colleges in Dubai, UAE and Foreign Ministry, Dubai. 

Key Features: 

  • More than 29 corporate clients.
  • Qualification recognized and awarded by an international course provider.
  • Highly experienced and proficient faculty.
  • Emphasis on practical learning to deliver in real-life situations.
  • Online learning management system enabling to study anywhere, anytime.
  • Exclusive study materials and e-library support enabling 24*7 availability.
  • Live tutor and mentor support.

Qualification Details:

  • Qualification title: Higher International Diploma in Psychology
  • Qualification level: 5
  • Qualification code: :ASTI.
  • Qualification type: Vocational.
  • Awarding Body: EduQual – UK. 
  • Approved by: Government of Dubai.


Qualification structure:

To complete level 5 Higher International Diploma in Psychology a total of 240 credits were required with 12 mandatory units.


Mandatory Units:

UnitName of the UnitCredits
1)Soft Skills12
2)Research Methodology12
3)Human Resource Management12
4)Applied Psychology12
5)Counselling Psychology12
6)Cognitive Psychology12
7)Forensic Psychology12
8)Conflict Theory12
9)Clinical psychology15
10)Psycho Diagnostics15
11)Development Psychology15


Assessment and Grading:

The assessments will be at the unit level. The assessments blend in the combination of practical, theoretical examinations, assignments for individual units. The assessment for individual units for this qualification is done internally and then concluded externally by the Awarding authority.

Flexible online assessment strategy of ASTI helps the learners to overcome complex situations for completing assessments on time.

Learners must attain at least 40% of the marks in each assessment and that the average scores of all tasks in an assignment must be a minimum of 40% of the overall marks awarded.

For successful completion the learner should pass all the assessments.

The Grade System:

The EduQual grade system is followed

Entry requirements

  • learners aged 18 years and above


  • Level 3 qualification in Engineering or other related qualifications


  • Associated work experience.

For more information or query on entry requirements contact Ph.(971) 50 900 6877

email: [email protected]


Career path ahead:


On completing the Higher International Diploma in Psychology the learner may progress to higher studies with respect to the relevant course/Qualification or work as a counsellor or psychologist.

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