Welding Technology Course


                       A certificate program in welding technology provides training in both the theory and practical skills needed to prepare the students for employment as a technically certified welding specialist. After working into this course the students can understand and carry out skillfully Gas and Arc Welding Processes to join materials for different applications in Industry. Expert welders can find employment opportunities with construction companies, railroads, manufacturing firms, repair shops, and transportation equipment companies. The pass outs of this program have plentiful scope for self-employment, as there is ample market demand for trained and skilled technicians. 

Why you need to choose this course

  • To update/upgrade in advanced & modern technology
  •  To make yourself qualified
  • For increment in job status.
  • Internationally recognized certification.  
  • Government-approved Certificate
  • Change your status to Professional certified welder.
  • For migration purposes.
  • Utilize your free time – Weekend Classes / Flexible Class Schedules
  • Industrial experienced faculty.
  • Attested by KHDA

Course Details : Welding Technology

  • Duration: 6 Months (144 Hrs)
  • Course Title: Welding Technology 
  • Course Type: Vocational 
  • Sessions: Full Time / Part Time / Week-End
  • Assessment: Yes 
  • Approved by: Govt. of Dubai.
  • Attested by: KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority)

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